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What's new in the Energy transition model?

Transport and Mobility

International aviation and navigation (shipping) has been added.

Transport is extended with bikes and public transport, including:

Built environment (households and buildings)



  • Local versus Global: When developing scenarios for small regions, it's easy to forget that your scenario is not an island but affects - and is affected by - nearby regions. By combining the results for these areas, you can see how each individual contributes to the whole. It is possible to compare the outcomes of scenarios between different levels on costs and CO2 emissions.

    You can find the Local vs. Global feature on the front page, in the menu at the left.

Many new and improved regions

  • For Gelderland, 66 regions have been added, including all municipalities, the province and Cleantech region, Noord-Veluwe, Foodvalley, Rivierenland, MARN and the Achterhoek.
  • The Reitdiep district has been added for Groningen.
  • For Zeeland the villages' s-Heer Hendrikskinderen, Oostkapelle and Baarland have been added.
  • A number of cities have been added: Antwerp, Amersfoort and the Stedendriehoek.
  • The Netherlands has been updated with the most recent and complete data Dutch Statistical Office (CBS, 2015)

What is expected soon?

  • Create a fact sheet of your scenario with the touch of a single button.
  • A big update fully focused on hydrogen.
  • More opportunities for CCS in industry.
  • Renewed calculations of future costs of the electricity network.

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