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What’s new in the Energy Transition Model?

1. Improvements in biomass modelling

The modelling of biomass in the ETM has been improved in collaboration with TKI Nieuw Gas, Gasunie, GasTerra and TNO. Using biomass in a scenario is now simpler and more transparent. The improvements allow the user to see at a glance which biomass flows exist for the region, both for the present and the future. In addition, potentials for various biomass flows have been investigated by TNO. The ETM now shows these potentials for each region. Another important point of improvement is the addition of supercritical water gasification (SCW) and gasification of dry biomass for green gas. All required data on biomass and conversion techniques have been adjusted and documented on our GitHub based on research by TNO.

Discover all improvements to the use of biomass in the ETM!

2. New large-scale electricity storage technologies

Two large-scale electricity storage technologies have been added: underground pumped hydro storage and large-scale batteries. Excess electricity from renewable sources can now be stored in these technologies and supplied to the grid at a later moment. The user can adjust the costs of these technologies.

Check out the impact of these new storage technologies on the electricity network here!

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