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What's new in the Energy transition model?

Hydrogen calculation updated

The ETM now calculates hydrogen demand and supply on an hourly-basis, which makes it possible to identify moments of excess hydrogen production and shortages. The ETM ensures that hydrogen supply matches demand for every hour per year by automatically storing excess hydrogen production in a buffer. New hourly charts are added for hydrogen supply, hydrogen demand and hydrogen storage. Navigate to the updated hydrogen section in the ETM and see the documentation for more details.

Many new regions can explore their future energy system

  • Denmark and Germany 
  • All 48 municipalities of Noord-Holland
  • 16 municipalities of Utrecht (U16) and 6 combined regions in Utrecht
  • New provinces: Noord-Holland and Overijssel
  • Updated provinces: Flevoland and Friesland
  • Municipality De Friese Meren

Furthermore, we have:

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