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What's new in the Energy transition model?

Hydrogen as fully-fledged energy carrier

Hydrogen is now a fully-fledged energy carrier and it is possible to choose from several production routes in the ETM:

The produced H2 can then be used:

A renewed electricity network calculation

The ETM can calculate the hourly impact on the different future net levels based on the choices you make in your scenario. As a result, the ETM calculates the needed capacity and the costs of the future net levels.

  • The ETM distinguishes between low, medium and high voltage levels, and also the transformers between the voltage levels.
  • It includes the offshore wind net and the interconnection net between a region and its neighbours.
  • All technologies have a profile that together adds up to mimic the TenneT-curve.
  • These technologies are connected to a specific net level.
  • The peaks of the future determine the needed capacity of the future net.
  • See the documentation of the network calculation for more details.

New regions can explore their future

  • Utrecht, Province
  • Haarlemmermeer
  • Noord-Beveland
  • Schouwen-Duiveland
  • Veere

New charts

  • A chart that shows energetic final demand.
  • A supply and demand chart for the hydrogen net
  • Several new charts for the new network calculation. Showing per net level the dynamic demand, net impact, the required new net, and the costs.

CO2 factsheet

All regions can start with an overview of their CO2 footprint.

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